Thursday, November 26, 2009

PSLE results come out liao, sian la get so low( nt really la). So little school 2 choose. Lol ytd so scary when Miss Lim givin out th results, hmph dun lyk kennedy, he got higher than me by 12 marks, botak oso got higher than me by 5 marks i think. Zzz at least got 1 A* th rest all A. Lucky. If nt cannot use com alrd then everyday get scolded. Hahas. Erm can everybody pls leave ur phone number + ur email if i dun hav urs b4 u guys leave my blog? Thnks u. Lol i'll miss 6courage n everybody tat i noe. Hope i can get into a sch wif sme of my frens if nt go 2 new sch i dunno wad 2 do. Ytd first time c Miss Lim keep smilin. Btw wad is th 6courage thingy ah? Lyk 4 example th blog, facebook( i hate it, but nvm), etc? Oh yeah, i forgot liao, me n Jia Jie create th Bala th clown n his family thingy forgot 2 take, anw its so dirty so nvm th nxt year 6courage ppl can c it. Hope tat they will laugh when they c those things.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Zzzz lots of things 2 write abt but uhh i dun really wanna write so much cos goin 2 play wif kennedy blackshot. go yj hse so fun but before tat went 2 ehub wif jeric, kennedy, sebastin. yaron n jeremy+ other ppl lyk yj they all. then reach ther, me n jeremy go siao, follow thos couples walkin arnd at ehub. we hug each other, then he put his hand arnd my waist, i put my hand on his shoulder then walk arnd, lol later pl think we gay. lol. then blah blah blah yaron treat th us( boys) ice cream blah blah blah go yj house blah blah blah forget it now skip 2 sandra. jeremy said wanna meeet wif me then go sandra chalet then in th end cannot make it -.- then i need go ther myself. on th way saw choon kang n brandon. they all play water, i no spare clothes so dun wan play then tat stupid evil evil yj go tel ppl spray water at me. got wet in th end. ate KFC n pizza after tat. then sebastin took a photo of me wif yj cam then they go zoom in. Zzzzz blah blah blah skip til we play game. Zzz played some weird game + truth or dare dun wan tlk abt it. then play 1 game at night, we off th lights then th murderer mus catch a person then guess who th person is. LOl then damn funny yj was th murderer then she saw me but she thought i was sme thing probably a ghost then say" i think i saw smethin" haha but in th end she go touch me then say ohh" its a person(smethin lyk tat)" lol Zzzz then chesna keep movin arnd then keep sittiin on my leg damn pain sia. i oso bought 1 jolly sandy, so nice . i let kennedy n choon kang try. ck try liao got addicted 2 it keep wanna drink lol. got home damn late got scolded by mom cos go home late but b4 i go home wif kennedy, we saw nigel waitin 4 his dad then he borrowed kennedy's phone call his dad then tlk so loud Zzzz blah blah blah sian dun wan write liao BTW good luck eveybody, tmrw sian la so scary.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Zzz changed eveything liao, woohoo. nthin much 2 say, now so sian, no more sch. I'll miss u ppl. sad. Yeah, monday got party, then lots of ppl lyk leeyana keep spamin, send so much msgs abt th class thingy, Zzzzzzz borin................

Friday, November 13, 2009

Zzz finally upadate my blog. Ytd so sian. MIss Lim said th food was nice but it tasted lyk uhhh dunnno how explain. Went to jeric hse b4 goin to sch. his parents drovie jeric, aloy, yaron, tse han( cute boy) n me ther. it was rainin, when we came outm of jeric's parents car, we saw ky wlkin 2 sch. then we walk into th sch then blah blah blah. after tat saw ming en, said HI then we sat on th staircase wif ky. Ming en said tat tis was wher th u noe th teacher said abt th NS guy thingy then MIng en said he3 wanna rape me( dsigustin) so me n ky left. then he go disturb nigel but end up gettin chased by him. zzz very borin after tat went up to th hall, gto gamse n lucky draw. sat wif james n ky.i dun wan tlk abt th games. th lucky draw so funny, choon kang especially. LOL. Botak shit faced fish oso won th lucky draw but i dun think anyone cares except 4 her chiko frens n lovers + Aloy( no offnec n BTw u owe me an ice-cream). Zzz then after everything i think they off th lights say go dance but me, ky, james n uhh mayb mervin tan played catchin. when i was catchin james i saw someone tat look lyk mervin tan wlk past so i go tap him but actually tat was...... uh..... mr ang( nigel dad, OMG) but he no feelin neva turn arnd.zzzz sian then fin liao wlk home but i wana eait 4 jeric n tse han. jeric kept takin photos. when he took fin, we wlk home saw Jia Jie' maid( i forgot wads her name liao, but i only noe its jeremy's......) . Zzz walk out of th front gate. Choon kang ( another cute guy) ask me 2 keep him company( in chinese in think) but i say im awlkin wif jeric n tse han so he said nvm( in chinese i think) then yj dunnno tel say wad thing ah didnt hear clearly so i jus ran away ..... ah forget it i dun wan write any more liao, very sian ah Zzzz.


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