Friday, March 5, 2010

Whew finally found a way to update wif usin com. Lol so borin... I hate src sch, dumb. Lol monday goin for softball competition, so nervous. When can go out wif u guys agn? I feel so bored, pls some day in th march holiday? But hope i do well in common test first n in th competition:) mus at least get a home run, which is lyk totally imposible:( hahas:)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hey u ppl, u might b thinkin "yeah glenn finally updated" or wadeva shit but nah im jus doin tis cos i cant play blackshot. My freakin com gt freakin problem tat i cant freakin play blackshot. Dumb. And u smart people out ther, if u r makin such a dumb com, dun even think of sellin it. Argh think ill try agn later. Anw lol now ive started playin gish, lol stuck at a stage now. Dumb. Argh.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wow its late agn, u all r probably sleepin le.... yeah im oso gonna slp le, pls rate the new song:) thnks Happy second day of new year!!!!!!!:):):):):)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fine, i update le happy? Yeah its late alrd... tmrw stil need go visitin, lol, played blackshot for 4 or 5hrs+ le, eye pain ah..... lol argh lol stil chinese new year le anw hav fun later!!!!! Especially soo jun n jeric whose bdae is today... Happy birthday, chinese new year n valentine's day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XDXDXDXDXD hahas sleepin le, argh stil havent decide wad to wear tmrw yet. sigh. lol Good nights everybody! XD

Sunday, December 27, 2009

i dunno what 2 say la, nthin so sian go anglican, such a loooong way need do so many things then can reach sch, sian la. pls tel me when u guys change ur phone numbers hor bb

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

uhhh i dun noe wad 2 say leh errr nthin much la jus today go cyclin( although i said i didnt want to but very borin leh so i went)wif jia jie, jeric n kennedy lol so funny today. one kid fell ther lol then got leaf inside his pocket then saw smethin tat dun really wan say. Zzz im addin extra to tis cos lyk neva wirte enough btw lend bike frm jeric cos my bike neva pump air. when returnin th bike, i saw his neighbour he asked me" Why u stop at third floor" at first i didnt knew wad he was sayin until jeric told me then i replied him " Ya " WTH was i thinkin!? but neva mind anw i cant really hear wad he was sayin. yea, n Jeric mus b stil probably laughin at me. LOL

Thursday, November 26, 2009

PSLE results come out liao, sian la get so low( nt really la). So little school 2 choose. Lol ytd so scary when Miss Lim givin out th results, hmph dun lyk kennedy, he got higher than me by 12 marks, botak oso got higher than me by 5 marks i think. Zzz at least got 1 A* th rest all A. Lucky. If nt cannot use com alrd then everyday get scolded. Hahas. Erm can everybody pls leave ur phone number + ur email if i dun hav urs b4 u guys leave my blog? Thnks u. Lol i'll miss 6courage n everybody tat i noe. Hope i can get into a sch wif sme of my frens if nt go 2 new sch i dunno wad 2 do. Ytd first time c Miss Lim keep smilin. Btw wad is th 6courage thingy ah? Lyk 4 example th blog, facebook( i hate it, but nvm), etc? Oh yeah, i forgot liao, me n Jia Jie create th Bala th clown n his family thingy forgot 2 take, anw its so dirty so nvm th nxt year 6courage ppl can c it. Hope tat they will laugh when they c those things.


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